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Tales from the Darkside with Miles Morgan, Ryan Dyar, and David Thompson – Bonus Episode

Every week my Patrons over at get a bonus episode from the main podcasts.  This is an example of one of those bonus episodes.

Miles Morgan, David Thompson & Ryan Dyar – LPP #25

Having a group of friends that keeps you shooting can be one of the strongest forces in progressing as a photographer.  David Thompson, Miles Morgan, and Ryan Dyar are not not only great friends, but they are three of the best photographers in the United States.  Their friendship has kept them driven, progressing, and as a result they have all became better photographers as a result of their friendship.

Ryan’s Website

Mile’s Website

David’s Website

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Traveling light and Cheap with Brent and Brian from Latitude – LPP #24





Nick has launched “Essential Photoshop for Landscape Photography” which can be found here.

This week I am talking with old friends Brent Bergherm and Brian McGukin about Traveling light cheap, and safe.  They are both the co-hosts of the podcast “Latitude” which appears once a month on the Improve Photography Network.

Brian’s website

Brent’s Website

Nick’s Website

Storytelling with Mads Peter Iversen – LPP #23


Snowdonia Tryfan horizontal mountain river stream water lord of the rings long exposure.jpg

black church iceland Budir fine art dramatic moody island sort kirke mads peter iversen fotokunst lille.jpg

death valley mequite sand dunes milky way stars galaxy astrophotography composite dream long exposure night desert 2-3.jpg

Dynjandi waterfall westfjords big amazing farve_1_1.jpg

Kalsoy drone faroe islands drone dji phantom sunset colors 2.jpg

kirkjufell aurora borealis northern lights iceland waterfall night composite.jpg

Milky Way Mesquite sanddunes death valley national park night photography galaxy stars.jpg

skogafoss iceland waterfall amazing wind cloudy dramatic.jpg

yosemite half dome moonbeam.jpg

This week Nick talks with Mads Peter Iversen.  Mads youtube channel is one of the best new  photography channels filled with travel log’s and inspiration.  Make sure you check out both his instagram feed and Youtube channel.
Nick also announces the creation of his Patreon page where there will be extra podcast interviews, vlog content.  Image critiques and post processing videos.  you can find the page at