Live with Thomas Heaton, Gavin Hardcastle, & Adam Gibbs

This week I sat down over a few pints with Thomas Heaton, Gavin Hardcastle, and Adam Gibbs in a pub in the Canadian Rockies.  This is a fun, meandering conversation between friends.

Gavin’s Youtube –…

Thomas Heaton’s Youtube –…

Adam Gibbs Youtube –…

3 thoughts on “Live with Thomas Heaton, Gavin Hardcastle, & Adam Gibbs

  1. Absolutely loved this episode. I follow every one of you, so it was fantastic to hear the banter between you all. I think I laughed more during this episode than I have all year (okay, we’re only 2 weeks in, but still).

  2. Hi Nick, great idea to do this Podcast. Looking forward to the next episode of the magnificent 5!! Many thanks for sharing.

  3. Hi Nick, I’m a new listener to you podcast (binge listening your back catalog) and I just thought I’d drop you a note to say how much I’m enjoying it and learning from it. I’ve especially liked the episodes on composition and colour (outstanding). Thanks for doing it for use all. It’s already making a difference to my photography and giving me ideas to get out there and try.

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