Seascapes and Happiness with Rick Sammon

This week I sit down with the Godfather of photography Rick Sammon and talk about, among other things, his new book which can be found here, as well as shooting seascapes, and what its like chasing the dream of self employment.

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Rick’s Book

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5 thoughts on “Seascapes and Happiness with Rick Sammon

  1. I think iris hilarious that your Oregon image is the only good one in Ricks new book. Maybe Rick should have hired you to guide his New York City knowledge around the Oregon Coast so he could write a proper book. I wonder how much is “inspired” by Greg Vaughn

  2. Hey Nick, love your content and photographs! I listened to your latest podcast with Rick and you mentioned a cleaning cloth? that you like because it also is super absorbent…what’s that product? Thank you and keep up the great work!

  3. Very possibly the best 44 minutes I have spent on photography! I am 72 years old and have been an aspiring photographer for 60 of those. I wanted to go to RIT to study under Minor White, but I convinced myself that I really didn’t have the creativity to be a photographer. I worked successfully in the healthcare world for almost 50 years but I really wished I had the “eye” to be a good photographer. I had a tendency to believe I was really restricted by equipment so I invested thousands of dollars on the latest body, lens, accessory the real photographers were using. I just discovered your podcasts and today I realize that the only thing I have been lacking is confidence. Next week I head to the Oregon coast with Rick’s book and your podcasts and the conviction that no one can do Bob’s Photography like Bob and he is the only “customer” I have to please. I am eternally grateful that your seascape podcast turned into a, using your words, “self-help session”.

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