Chasing the Extremes with Marc Adamus – LPP #60

Today we are talking with the incredible Marc Adamus, one of the pioneers of Modern Landscape photography and the epic photograph.  In this discussion we are a little all over the board talking about everything from extreme weather, creative drive and the evils of social media.

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3 thoughts on “Chasing the Extremes with Marc Adamus – LPP #60

  1. I THOROUGHLY enjoyed your podcast with Marc Adamus, Nick!! Like you (and others), Marc was always the one photographer that I looked up to, inspired by and wanted to be able to create like.
    I participated In one of Marc’s workshops a few years back and it was definitely an experience like no other!! As he mentioned in your discussion with him, he has no itinerary…our days and journeys were dictated by light and weather conditions. Were we set up the next day were dictated by the weather conditions from the night before…where fronts were coming from, at what time, wind direction, etc. I had never experienced that before in any other workshop! And to be honest, as a “structured” person, it took some time to get used to. But we were where we needed to be and benefitted by his expertise and knowledge.
    I could not help but listen to this conversation and playback that experience of my time in the field with him…enough so that I may signup for another once conditions improve in the world of travel.
    And lastly, the final segment about the effect of social media on society and our mental fortitude…that segment was so spot on and so needed to be had and shared. I hope your podcast listeners listen to this conversation all the way thru to the end and pick up on what social media is doing (unknowingly) to all of us!

    Again, outstanding podcast!!

  2. Fantastic interview and discussion! I am grateful for your positivity, your online presence is a much needed shot in the arm!!! Believe me, I know how cruel people can often be “behind” the screen. But you and others such as yourself do get through to those of us needing that spot of humor, vision, art, skill done with such kindness and passion. We, like many of you guys – are introverts at heart and don’t reach out as much as we should to say — THANK YOU!

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