Erin Babnik, Ian Norman & Josh Cripps Live from Moab – LPP #43

This episode was recorded live at the Out of Moab conference with myself, Erin Babnik, Ian Norman & Josh Cripps.  We covered several subjects before taking questions from the audience.

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Post Processing Tips – LPP #42

Now more than ever, post processing is a very important part of the photography workflow.  In this episode Nick talks about some of his most important tips for post processing.

Moving the Podcast to a new feed

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Images with Impact with Rick Sammon – LPP #41

What is it that creates an image with impact? Nick sits down with Rick Sammon and has a discussion about general landscape photography tips and what it is that grabs the viewer when they first view your image

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Chasing Waves with Rachael Talibart – LPP #40

Photographing big surf isn’t easy, and we talk about that in this episode with photographer Rachael Talibart.

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Social Media (the double edged sword) – LPP #39

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Social media can be an amazing tool for the modern photographer, but its not without its downsides.

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Q & A episode – LPP #38

In this episode we answer questions that came in on the Group’s Facebook Page.

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Beyond the Iconic shot with Thomas Heaton – LPP #37

Going beyond the obvious shot is an important but hard lesson to learn, and thats what Thomas and Nick talk about in this episode.

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Quality vs Quantity with Alex Noriega & Erin Babnik – LPP #36

In this episode I talk with Alex Noriega and Erin Babnik about the idea of Quality over Quantity when it comes to sharing your work on social media, and adding images to your portfolio. Alex is a highly acclaimed photographer and known for his post processing tutorials. Erin Babnik is an international educator, workshop instructor and public speaker.

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Plight of the Weekend Warrior with Miles Morgan – LPP #35

Miles Morgan is an amazing, inspiring landscape photographer, and when you look at his images, you cant imagine that he doesn’t do this as his full time job. Miles balances life, work, family and epic landscape photography in a way many people can only dream of. In this episode we talk about the balance, and the art of making the most of a trip.

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